Emma C. Gordon

COGITO Role: Head of STEM Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Website: https://emmacgordon.weebly.com/

Research Projects:

Human Enhancement, Equality, and Wellbeing (2020-2022)

A Virtue Epistemology of Trust (2020-2023)

Intellectual Humility  (2014-2016)

I am Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Glasgow and Head of STEM Interdisciplinary Research at COGITO. Before this I was a Research Fellow at the Eidyn Research Centre, University of Edinburgh.

My main research interests include epistemology (understanding, social epistemology, intellectual virtues and vices, assertion), and moral & political philosophy (bioethics, human enhancement (including issues of inequality and distributive justice), the philosophy of well-being, gender and race).

My work is often interdisciplinary, with medicine (including pharmacology, dependence and addiction) and psychology (including philosophy of counselling and psychotherapy).



67-69 Oakfield Avenue

G12 8LP Glasgow UK