J. Adam Carter

COGITO Role: Deputy Director, Founding member


Research Projects:

A Virtue Epistemology of Trust (2020-2023)

New Directions in Social Epistemology (2018-2020)

Extended Knowledge (2013-2017)

Epistemology of Education (2014-2017)

Metaepistemology and Relativism (2014-2016)

My research is mainly in epistemology with particular focus on the following issues: virtue epistemology (especially performance-theoretic virtue epistemology); know-how; relativism; social epistemology; epistemic luck; epistemic value; group knowledge; understanding; and epistemic defeat.


My books include Metaepistemology and Relativism (Palgrave MacMillan 2016), A Critical Introduction to Knowledge-How (Bloomsbury 2018, with Ted Poston), The Philosophy of Group Polarization (Routledge, 2021, with Fernando Broncano-Berrocal), This is Epistemology (Wiley-Blackwell, 2021, with Clayton Littlejohn), Digital Knowledge (Routledge, forthcoming), Autonomous Knowledge: Radical Enhancement, Autonomy, and the Future of Knowing (Oxford University Press, forthcoming), and Bi-Level Virtue Epistemology: A Defence (Cambridge University Press, Epistemology Elements, forthcoming).

My work has increasingly explored connections between epistemology and other disciplines, including bioethics (especially human enhancement); the philosophy of mind and cognitive science (especially extended cognition); and the philosophy of language (especially assertion). 

For links to published and forthcoming papers, as well as works in progress, see here.


67-69 Oakfield Avenue

G12 8LP Glasgow, UK